Okpo Land theme park was shut down in 1999 after a series of ‘accidents’. After the first fatality in the ’90s, the park continued to operate without remorse. But after a second fatal accident where a young girl was killed after she was thrown from a chick-shaped children’s ride, the park finally shut down. Although it’s unclear who was responsible for maintaining the park, one thing was clear; whoever they were, they weren’t interested in taking responsibility for the tragic deaths.
The family of the young girl received no compensation (or even an apology) and the park’s owner disappeared overnight, leaving everything as it was the day the park closed. Although the story is tragic and the theme park owner’s response deplorable, the park itself is an absolute gem for urban explorers. Since Okpo Land’s cowardly owner didn’t have time to sell off the park’s rides, everything has been left intact to rot and rust…even the derailed car that killed the young girl is left suspended in the air.






Abandoned Disneyland in China.

the ruins

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thats creepy as fuck

this makes me want to cry but then again it makes me want to wander around in there for hours anyone want to join

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The autopsy theater near the morgue in the basement of New Orleans Charity Hospital.