Athens’ Abandoned International Airport [502x335] Check this blog!

Hotel California - East Bay by th3_clara on Flickr.

IMG_8201 by hxgs on Flickr.

Haunted House in Chaves, Portugal
Source: rebur (reddit)
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Bali, Pangrama Hotel.
The locals told me a number of different stories, one being that they had built it on an enviromentally protected area hoping they could bribe their way out of it, another that they were hoping to buy the close by beach (which you can see in some of the photos) which obviously didn’t work out.When i went there i could hear noises of people working and as you can see there was motorbikes in the main entrance. I proceeded with caution, but in the end i decided to confront the man, turns out hes french and was doing volunteer enviromental work for the place, he said it was ok for me to shoot the place.None the less this place was very beautiful and enhanced my Bali trip immensely.
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Mike Tyson’s abandoned mansion in Ohio. 

Last ride left at a abandoned amusement park Source: sartivist (reddit)